How One Beauty Mogul Made a Million Dollars in One Day

On March 1, 2019, beauty mogul, Raynell Steward who goes by Supa Cent on social media, made over $1 million dollars in 1 day. This was her second time surpassing the million dollar mark in less than 4 months. The first time she hit the million dollar threshold in sales was on Cyber Monday in 2018. Now you’re probably sitting there saying, I bet she has the large team and she probably spent a lot of money in advertising. Well, here’s the tea.

The New Orleans actually has a small team and honestly, I’ve never seen any paid advertising for her company, The Crayon Case. I heard about Steward and her make up line when she launched in December 2017. Everyone on my timeline was going crazy and talking about this makeup case that was coming out. When The Crayon Case launched in 2017, Steward sold out. Next thing I knew, everyone was opening Crayon Case make up for Christmas!

What has helped Steward and her brand to reach the million dollar mark have been her large following and timing. Having over 1 million followers on Instagram who convert into buyers can help your sales significantly! For her last million dollar day on last Monday, Steward sold 23,000 products in 60 minutes which is actually 2.3% of her following on Instagram (if they all just purchased 1 thing). In sales, a good conversion rate is between 2 - 4%. and Steward definitely has that! So what does Steward sales tell us? It's all about your numbers.

So how can you have a million dollar sale day? Here are a few tips:

  • Work to increase your following on social media. Like I said, Steward has over 1 million followers on social media. 2% of that is 20,000. Her average sale for her million dollar day is just $43.48.

  • Build your email list. Now I have to admit. I’ve purchased products from Steward and there was no email list to get on, lol. But for the rest of us, an email list allows you to engage with your followers outside of social media.

  • Give your followers great content. Steward is on social media 24/7. She shares some of her most personal details including her engagement, pregnancy, screen shots of her sales, purchasing a new home, and gifting influencers $5,000 for always been there for her when she needs them.

  • Engage with your followers. Because Steward shares all of her life on social media, this has helped her to build her “know, trust and like factors,” which are the lead drivers of sales. If people don’t know, trust and like you, they are NOT going to give you their hard earned money. Respond to comments vs just hitting like. Those responses go a long way!

  • Utilize influencers. If you are going to invest in advertising, I say put your money on the utilization of influencers, people who can compliment your product and have an audience who will use your products/services. Steward works with a lot of YouTube make up artist influencers who receive free samples of her products (and probably payments) in exchange for sharing her products on camera and talking about them with their followers. This allows you to tap into a new group of buyers.

Now here is the bonus to having a million dollar day in sales. If you’ve done all of the above, the Midas touch is timing. Both of Steward million dollar sale days were held around the times that people have and spend money (Cyber Monday - Nov. 26, 2018 and The beginning of Tax Return season - March 1, 2019). Another well known celebrity who uses this same "sales funnel" is Beyonce. All of her On The Run concert tickets go on sale during tax return season. This year, her sister, Solange used the same tactic for the release of her new album - March 1, 2019 and so did Steward.

Dr. Carey Yazeed is a Business Strategist and the author of Lipstick, Heels and Hustle: A Woman’s Guide to Entrepreneurship. If you’re ready to take your great idea and turn it into a business, don’t forget to check out the Business Boot Camp, which starts March 18th.

Raynell Steward, Owner of The Crayon Case

Raynell Steward, Owner of The Crayon Case