Power of Podcasting

This past Thursday I spoke at the Success Women’s Conference in Biloxi, Mississippi. My workshop was on the power of podcasting. Now grant it, I understand that I lot of people still don’t know what a podcast is, or that the purple app on their iPhone contains thousands of free shows that they can access from anywhere at anytime, let alone, how to utilize them to build and grow their business. But as we enter 2020, you can no longer ignore podcasting and the impact that it is making in the digital world.

I started Beauty, Brains & Business in September 2017. I had a budget of zero dollars, a dream and my cell phone. I utilized Fiverr to create my cover art. I recorded my first episode standing in my closet using the Quick Voice Pro app on my iPhone and I recorded my interviews with guests using Free Conference Call. Now seen as primitive when it comes to recording, my editor - a kid who lived in Spain who just wanted a shot - made my crappy recordings sound great.

2 years later, and my podcast now reaches over 40,000 listeners and has afforded me the opportunity to work with major brands such as Acuity Scheduling, Audible, Black Girls Rock, Daily Harvest and Privy, in addition to being the guest on numerous shows.

Podcasting has given me a platform to build and grow my own business, having worked with over 500 women through my courses, private coaching, and private membership program in the last two years. I’ve also made valuable connections with influential women, that I otherwise would have never met, if it wasn’t for my podcast.

The noise on the internet is all about Instagram stories and Facebook ads, but my message to you today is this, “Don’t discredit the power of podcasting!” It may seem like a lot to get started, but if I can do it, anyone can do it! If I’ve peaked your interest, check out my webinar, How To Podcast Like a Boss.