How Your Self Worth Can Kill Your Profits

Many people have a hard time believing that I use to suffer from low self confidence. A survivor of domestic violence, long after the abuse ended, I continued to feel that I was never good enough. And although I thought I hid it well, I later learned it was showing up all in my business!

“So how does low self confidence look in a business?”

  1. Your prices are too low because you don’t think people are going to work with you if you charge a higher price.

  2. You doubt your capabilities and constantly look to everyone else for validation.

  3. Your business is all over the place. There is no plan and no consistency. You are just winging it!

  4. You are constantly apologizing to potential clients/customers and trying to explain yourself.

  5. You are more worried about your customers/clients feelings than how you are going to cover your own overhead and business expenses.

  6. You are emotional; frustrated, worried, anxious, and it shows! Everyone who comes in contact with you sees it too and those who are cleaver enough, use it to their advantage and low ball you even more.

So what did I do? Well for starters, I stop dating for 4 years and focused on myself. I found a good therapist. I focused on my relationship with God. I worked with several business coaches, and took business classes to learn how to not only run a business, but to scale it and grow! I stop listening to everyone on social media who claimed they were an expert!

My therapist helped me to realize that I had compound, unresolved issues from the abuse I had experienced, in addition to the sexual harassment I had encountered on a job. Not dating took away the distractions. I didn’t have to worry about trying to make someone else happy and just focus on me for a change. And those business classes and coaches…they helped me to see I was leaving a lot of money on the table being worried about what other people thought when it came to my business and my self worth and that my experience alone justified my prices.

My relationship with God gave me the feeling of comfort and protection that I often felt I was lacking and not listening to the false business prophets on social media allowed me to clear out the mental fog and be very clear in what was best for me.

You can NOT be successful in business if you don’t feel good about yourself. You will NOT make money in your business if you never discover your worth. You will always feel scattered, loss and confused if you never sit down and do the necessary work which includes constantly learning and growing as a woman and an entrepreneur.