How To Stop Being a Broke Entrepreneur

In business we have two choices; make money or stay broke. Many women start businesses to change their lifestyle. They want flexibility, so they can be present for their children and/or family emergencies. They want the freedom to live life on their own terms and not having to punch a time clock and have someone to dictate when they can take off and have an opportunity to enjoy life. Other start a business because they realize that a job caps how much they can make, where being an entrepreneur has no limits.

Yet many entrepreneurs are not making the income they desire and they are clueless as to how they can climb out to the financial hole they have fallen into. For whatever reasons, they are scared to ask for help and will continue to fail miserably at generating income in their business.

In this video, Dr. Carey Yazeed shares a few tips on how entrepreneurs can stop being broke and begin to generate they income they desire.