The Dark Side of Start Up Culture

Yesterday I was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal on the dark side of start-up success. The big concern with start ups, is owners are experiencing high rates of anxiety, depression, stress, and even drug addiction and eating disorders. The article went on to state that start ups have given a new meaning to burn out, with a study by UC Berkeley and Stanford showing that entrepreneurs are 50% more likely to experience a mental health condition.

So why is this bad? Because start ups are a reflection of their owners. Your behavior is going to be a reflection of your business! Sis, if you are acting irrational, crying, angry and snapping at people all day, it is going to show in your business.

Self care as an entrepreneur is essential. If you are experiencing signs of stress, anxiety or depression, find you a damn good therapist and invest in your mental health. A good therapist can be found on Psychology Today, and through your health insurance. If you are still working a 9 to 5, check with HR and see if your company participates in an EAP (employer assistant program). With an EAP you do not have to pay out of pocket and your employer will not have access to your records. Also remember to eat right and that it is okay to take a step away from your business and have some fun sometimes.